moat house wedding photographer

The Moat House | Georgia + Sean

Over the years it has been so exciting to share many “firsts” and new venues with you all.  In this my retirement year it will sadly be more “lasts”.  After over 25 years of photographing weddings at the wonderful venue that is The Moat House Acton Trussell, todays wedding of Georgia & Sean was to be my last one there……a lovely wedding as were they all……..I shall miss The Moat House.

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St Marks Great Wyrley + The Moat House | Jordan + Chris

There’s something about a midweek wedding, everybody from the guests to the caterers seem so much more relaxed, as it was for today’s wedding of Jordan and Chris at a church that means so much to me personally, St Marks Great Wyrley.  It was then on to another all time favourite – The Moat House at Acton Trussell for the couple’s reception.

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Penkridge Contemporary Wedding Photographer

The Moat House | Claire + Chris

Today was yet another wedding that could have fallen victim to the unsettled weather that we experience in this country. It kept fine for the grooms arrivals, bucketed down just before the brides entrance, cleared up for the family groups and the bride & groom’s personal portraits before monsoon like conditions forced us inside with just one outdoor shot still to do – the main group shot of 80 people – an impossible indoor shot……then with just 5 minutes to go till the wedding breakfast was due to be served at The Moat House – clear skies – just enough time to finish the coverage – wow – that was a close one!

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