All the questions you should ask your photographer?

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked many questions, some quite obvious and others completely bizarre!  Here are a few of the regulars.

Gorgeous wedding photographs at St John The Baptist in Armitage by Armitage Wedding Photographer Barry James


How long have you been a wedding photographer?

My first wedding was in the late 1980’s, Barry James launched full time in 1990, with my sons Stuart and Stephen joining the business in recent years. 


Do you have any qualifications?

I have held associateship with the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photographers and Craftsman with the Guild of Wedding Photographers and the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers


What if the camera breaks or the memory card is corrupt?

A spare of everything goes on weddings with us, camera, lens, flash, etc. We use Nikon 
which records on 2 memory cards simultaneously so there’s always a back up


Are you insured?

We are fully covered, with both public liability and professional indemnity insurance


Do you take on more than one wedding a day?

No we only accept one booking per day for each photographer


What if you’re ill?

I haven’t missed a wedding yet and do not intend to, however there are 3 photographers in my family, I have many local associates and we are members of a number of national organisations that we can call on for help if need be.


Will it be just you on the day?

Both of my sons are qualified wedding photographers in their own right and if they do not have a booking they will very often shoot a wedding with me


Is this all you do or have you got another job?

I am a full time wedding photographer


What if it rains?

Your wedding day is not a trial run so we have to work with whatever the weather decides to do; sun, wind, rain – we dodge showers, work inside, revisit later in the day – in extreme cases we can return for Bride & Groom photos the day after – besides that some of our most creative work comes in adverse conditions


Have you worked at our venue before?

Chances are we have, but if not, how exciting – a new place to explore and have fun!


Ours is only a small affair we don’t want many photos can you help us?

Of course, we have packages to suit all types and sizes of wedding – if you can’t find one we’ll make one for you


We don’t like ourselves in photographs – can you do anything?

Don’t worry! Very few people actually like having their photo taken, it’s our job to help you relax – just enjoy your day – the photos will come naturally.  Why not join us for a pre wedding shoot a few weeks before the wedding day, lots of people have benefitted from this – and no one’s cancelled their wedding as a result


How long will it take on the day? We’ve been to weddings where the photos took ages!

The only time you will notice how long we take will be on your formal groups….if your list is sensible and people are available when needed this “boring” bit takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes


How long do we have to wait for the album?

We aim to have your photos and album predesign available for you to view within 21 to 28 days, it may take a little longer at busy times. Once your album has been chosen we hope to have it ready for collection within 6 to 7 weeks


Can we print from the CD’s?

Yes, please feel free to do so, each of our CD’s comes with permission to print and copy for your personal and family use but you can’t use them commercially, also for your convenience we do not watermark the images


How far will you travel?

Our work takes us throughout the UK and abroad, if you would like us to be part of your big day we will be there…
Full travel details and breakdown of costings available on request.


We are getting married abroad and having a family party when we get back – would you be able to cover this?

We often photograph “abroad” wedding parties, we can also incorporate your overseas photos into our albums. Quite a few couples have opted to take us abroad with them – the results are spectacular, please ask for details


Everybody seems to be “an award winning” photographer – are you?

To be honest, these days, it is all too easy to obtain an award and then entitle yourself “Award winning”…When awards were a true reflection of the photographers creative work, Barry James received a remarkable figure of over 100 accolades for our work, not just nationwide, but worldwide, and our images have featured in global publications…something we are immensely proud of…ask to see them…


How much is the deposit and how do we book you?

Our booking fee is £200 which can be split into 2 payments, one at the time of booking, the second in the January of your wedding year. Your booking can be accepted over the phone, in writing or by email


When should we book you?

Once you have decided on your photographer, or any other service for that matter, make the booking to avoid disappointment


Will you pencil the date in please?

We do not accept provisional bookings, however if you are undecided we will take note of your date then get in touch with you if anyone else shows interest but your safest route by far is to make a firm booking


We are having a photo booth and would like some photos from that adding to our album – can it be done?

As long as you have permission from the booth operator we will gladly add these at the end of your album – you simply pay us for the extra spreads in the album. This can also be done with other “friends” photos